Course curriculum

    1. Louise is Your Tea Mindfulness Guide

    2. This Course is For You

    3. Join the Lady Glass CommuniTEA

    4. What You'll Learn

    5. Meeting Expectations

    1. Expectations and Preparations

    1. Start: Self-Assessment Quiz

    1. Tea Mindfulness Rituals: 5-Step Guide

    1. What is Stress?

    2. Reflection: What Do You Wish to Release?

    3. Activity 1: Ease the Mind Meditation

    4. Activity 2: Simply Stopping Meditation

    5. Activity 3: Intro to Body Scan Meditation

    1. What is Mindfulness?

    2. Reflection: Easy Mindfulness Exercise

    3. Activity 1: Walking Meditation

    4. Activity 2: Stop and Smell Meditation

    5. Activity 3: Full Body Scan Meditation

About this course

  • €150,00
  • 41 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

Play an active role in improving your quality of life. Invest in your holistic well-being.

For tea lovers, healers, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to invest in their holistic well-being (i.e mental and physical health).